Independent Opinion researches and analyzes the voice of the public, on public issues. We address all the complexities and nuances of public opinion, more systematically than the press and more strategically than regular media surveys. For over a decade, we have brought this voice to leaders, policymakers, nongovernmental actors, and social activists to help them achieve their goals.

People’s attitudes are part of the discourse of democracies, conflict resolution, reconciliation, human rights, minority rights, political change, social progress, social and political campaigns. Policymakers and non-governmental actors alike need to incorporate public thinking and leverage public support to further their causes. Citizens, in turn, should feel that their voices are being heard and know that their attitudes have an impact on the public sphere.

Independent Opinion links political analysis, public opinion and strategy. We develop real world application of research insights, within political and social opportunities and constraints. The goal is to strengthen the partnership between leaders, people and civil society, to foster communication and mutual accountability. In this modest way, our ultimate goal is to strengthen democracy.

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